Singapore is relatively small, but rather dynamic country with natural beauties all over the state. It is an attractive destination for tourists, as well as for everyone looking for business opportunities and a healthy environment to settle in. Different regions vary in population, while the biggest cities tend to be crowded. The government has launched some state’s projects and plans to build massive areas with scattered condos for people working in Singapore’s busiest centers, but landed property remains a strong alternative to beautiful condos. So, if you decide to purchase or rent a real estate in Singapore, here are some pros and cons for living in condos.

Unexpected condo conveniences

SingaporeSingapore’s community has raised life in condos onto a whole new, unexpected level of benefits. Just to mention that having a swimming pool right in front of your door is a common thing here probably says enough. Considering daily temperatures here, this aspect helps a lot in everyday life. Busy parents have one thing less to worry about since condos include playgrounds for children with organized daycare and nursing. Parking lots are organized impressively, and each city manages comprehensive traffic lines and public transport options. When living in condos, you are close to all downtown facilities and public institutions without losing the opportunity to enjoy natural beauties and sightseeing in Singapore. Also, the city takes care of security services and maintenance of public infrastructure in condos.

Drawbacks of living in condo

Probably the biggest issue you will face if renting or purchasing a condo is limited living space. This might not only impose strict limitations to your interior design taste but also force you to apply all your practical skills and creativity to organize your home to be functional and comfortable at the same time. Noisy neighbors are the second drawback. Altogether with noisy traffic. Your privacy is somewhat limited, and the budget will be pressed with few amenities you will have to pay but might won’t use ever.

Landed property as an alternative

Real Estate

Purchasing or renting landed property in Singapore is certainly more expensive option compared to condos and the options are fewer. Landed property is more distant from the downtown rush, which spares you the daily noise and traffic rush, but also imposes the need to come up with a personal solution for vehicle and transport. Although average prices of landed real estates in Singapore are not so small, you will get much more space to feel comfortable and on your own. Plus, when it comes to costs of everyday life, you only pay for what you need and use.